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Balloon Decorations

From Traditional Balloon Arches to Custom Designs
Traditional Decor

Whether you need to bring attention to your booth or exhibit, fill a room, or celebrate a win balloon arches, columns, and table top designs can help in a quick and effective way.

Custom Creations

If you want to really tell a story check out the custom creations that can really make your event POP (Ouch, the puns are so bad they hurt)!


Balloons delivered straight that special persons door or office. Perfect to say Thank You, I’m Sorry, or I Love You.

About Higher Hope Balloons

Let me tell you my story
What is our fascination with balloons?

In early 2003 I was still a young college kid at North Greenville University in South Carolina. That year I decided to spend my spring break in Miami. No, I wasn't at the beach. I was actually there on a mission trip working with a local church. During that time I watched someone share the story of Jonah and the Whale with a balloon! I was absolutely amazed. I had only ever seen people create things like flowers, dogs, swords, etc. out of balloons. The idea that people could tell stories with balloons blew my mind. I quickly picked up the balloon twisting skill and started creating amazing sculptures and telling stories with them. As I performed at different events I realized that the events themselves told a story as well and that with balloon decor I could help shape those events. That is where Higher Hope Balloons came from and why I am thrilled to help you with your next party or event.

  • Balloon Arches

    Traditional or String o' Pearls

  • Balloon Columns

    Perfect for Shaping Entryways

  • Custom Creations

    Really Start to Tell Your Story

  • Balloon Deliveries

    Forget the Flowers Make a Memory


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