Shaping a Stage with Balloon Decor

When holding an event you want to create an atmosphere that tells a story. Sometimes that is a celebration, sometimes it is a somber memorial, and sometimes it is about imagination.

When you’re a politician and holding a victory or watch party then you want to show a sign of confidence and celebration. You’ll often see balloon drops and political events for this reason.

Last year, I had the privilege of decorating several victory parties including both the primary and general election parties for the Texas Senator Ken Paxton of McKinney during his successful bid for Texas Attorney General.

Here is my stage decor for General Paxton.

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We ended up creating a nice triangle out of the columns so that a banner could be placed in the center. This ended up making a great design for photos so that his name was clearly visible, but you also had the patriotic celebration ready for the event.

ken paxton family

The photo above ended up being a great moment I captured and was actually used by the campaign. It shows him with his loving wife Angela Paxton, and their kids (one was cropped out due to the angle). With the balloon columns in the background and the hand clapping it shows a clear celebration which is something voters want to be a part of.

As primary season gets started I expect to be decorating many more stages. Next weekend, I’ll be decorating the kickoff party for my friend Read King who is running for Texas HD 64 representative.

If you are in need of decorations for your event please contact me today!


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